I’m Charlie Friedmann, a Toronto-based food, drinks, and travel writer.

I’ve written extensively for The Globe and Mail, as well as for other publications including The New York Times, Food and Wine, Munchies, Edible Toronto, Food 52, and Globe Style Advisor. I also cohost the Cain and Table podcast with my comedian brother. Before focusing on writing, I was a corporate lawyer (in New York) and co-founded an online athletic wear retailer (in Toronto). My resume is weird.

I like to write stories about unknown or uncelebrated ingredients (say, koji), people doing something unique (making natural wine in Utah?) or meaningful (fighting poverty through food), and shit that matters (i.e. urban agriculture policy). When editors allow it (or miss it…), I try to inject some humor into my writing—food is politics, but it’s also still just food. I don’t usually do listicles or regurgitate press releases.

When not eating, drinking, or cooking, I like to play tennis. I hope to someday write a lede as strong as my forehand.